Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break

It is Spring Break for the kids here, and for me as well. My Mom and Dad graciously offered to keep my girls during Spring Break to give me one as well. Unfortunately, I wound up coming down with a terrible cold at the beginning of the week. It sure has helped being able to rest, though. With a 5 and 6 year old, that is a rarity around here! Thanks Granna and Gramps!

I have spent most of the week resting, but I have managed to squeeze in some creative time as well. I was inspired by my morning cup (more like cups) of coffee. This is the first one-

I wasn't too pleased with how my letter stamps turned out, so I will probably work on it some more. Anyway, here is the second one -

I was much happier with this one. I am working on a couple of other things that I will post when I have completed.

The most amazing thing happened today! My Dad found what he believed was some form of butterfly pupae in their backyard a few weeks ago. He made a tall cage for it and brought it up here so that the girls could watch it to see if anything happens. Needless to say my husband, Mom, and I have to admit, myself were all a little skeptical. It didn't really look like anything we had seen, and we sort of gave him a hard time about it. Well, earlier today, my husband came out of the room where we are keeping it and said, "You have got to come see this - it is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have seen!" I couldn't imagine what it might be, in fact, honestly I thought he was playing a joke on me and going to show me a "prize" that maybe our new puppy, Memphis, had left. Imagine my surprise when he shows me the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! It is a Luna moth with some amazing colors. It is lime green with purple and fuchsia tipped wings, and brightly colored "eyes." Here is a picture which can't possibly do this amazing creature justice, but here you go:

This beauty is totally inspiring me to make an attempt to paint him. We will see - I am working on it now, but I am not too pleased so far. I will post it if it turns out o.k.

For now, I am going to finish my Ben and Jerry's "Karmel Sutra" - YUM! and enjoy the rest of my quiet evening while my husband is at the Mason's lodge.

Have a great Spring Break!


crimsoncat05 said...

it's beautiful; I can't wait to see what he inspires you to make! Thanks for visiting my blog; stop by again sometime!