Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Million Dollar Question

Looks like more than likely, I will be taking Megan to the doctor today (again). While we were out running errands yesterday, she started asking questions just one after the other. Now, her questions aren't like what I would think most 5 year old questions would be, but rather very intuitive and in depth. Some of her questions went something like this:

"Why does Memphis have to have shots?" ,"What do they put in shots to make you better?","Can puppies dance?","If I were a puppy, could I dance?"....throughout the store "what did they make this out of?", "what makes stickers stick to paper?", "why do some stick better than others?" Then we start getting a little deeper:

Q: "How do you have a baby" I tried gently explaining that you have to be married and then you get to have a baby.
Q: "How do you get married?" A: I explained that you fall in love with someone and then get married.
Q: "What does fall in love mean?" A: I explained this as carefully and best that I could. She then says I am not ever falling in love or getting married." "Why?" I asked....."Because I don't want to have any babies because it will hurt!!"

This continues and I start cluing in that something is not right because she is getting more and more emotional with her questions, and she reverts back to questions about shots. Then, the million dollar question:

Q: "What makes your neck hurt?" -she always says that her neck hurts when it is actually her throat. A: "Does your throat hurt?" Q: "Will I have to get a shot if my throat hurts?" A: "More than likely not, they will just give you medicine?" Q: "O.K. neck hurts!" BINGO!!

Sure enough, we get home and I look at her throat and low and behold, swollen red tonsils and a white pocket. She never ran any fever last night, but it still looks as though we will be making a trip to the doctor's office today. Seems like we just keep cycling back through this stuff. She gets it, then Ashlyn, gets it, and round and round we go. It doesn't help having several kids in the neighborhood who pass it around either. So, it looks like my day will involve a trip to Dr. Dan's office.
I did have about 30 minutes free yesterday where I played around with some color, and I made this: