Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big Journey

As promised here are the pictures of the large Journey painting I did. Luckily, the customers were very happy with it, and I have to admit it is probably my favorite painting that I have created so far. The pictures don't really show the true colors too good. They appear more blue but there is a lot of green, pink, and yellow as well.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I Love Your Blog Award!!

This is going to be a quick entry because I am rather sick right now from an upper respiratory infection. I will be posting either later today or tomorrow pictures of the large commissioned "Journey" piece! I completed it and the happy owners have received it, so I will be posting pics of that and our little trip to the Circus along with some pics of other works I have completed lately.

I was awarded the I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD by the very sweet and talented artist Lorri. I am so honored and am thankful that my blog is inspiring to others! So, I have the honors of choosing 7 blogs that I find inspiring and enjoy reading. It was hard to pick just 7 because there are so many talented people out there. goes (Oh yeah, I just had to pick 8 - there's no way I could get it down to 7) he he he:

Tonya at Collage Artistry
Heather at Audry Eclectic
Sue at Earthtone Studios
Fannie at Imagine Create Inspire
Lory at Weeping Wax Studio
Shonna at Twisted Figures
Sharron at All Norah's Art
Mare at Moon and Stars Studio

Be sure and check out these talented ladies' blogs. They are full of inspiration!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Busy Summer

I hope everyone is having a good summer! Ours has been very busy so far. I have had quite a lot of creative time because the girls have spent several days off an on with my parents, and I have been able to rest up a lot. This summer heat really is hard on my body. I was finally diagnosed with RA and Secondary Sjogren's (which is a form of Lupus) about two weeks ago, and found out that is why I don't tolerate the heat so well. I am definitely ready for some cooler weather! Anyways, I have created and traded several trading cards and have painted a few canvases. I will post a few now and more to come, I just don't want to give it all away in one entry. I am going to do my best to update my blog more often. Also for my creative time, I was commissioned to paint a large 22x28 inch canvas of my "Journey" painting! I have never painted on that large of a canvas, but I loved it! I plan on doing more. I'm not going to post the pictures of it yet though, before the person sees it first.

The girls and I met their Granny at the Dallas World Aquarium a few weeks ago, and we had a great time. I am really mad at myself though, because I brought my camera alright, but totally forgot to check the batteries, and of course, when I go to take the first picture - it was as dead as it could be. I was so mad! I missed so many great shots, and to top it all off, I have a great camera on my phone and didn't even think to use it! Oh well, I'm sure we will return many other times.

My next post, I will tell you about our trip to the Great Wolf Lodge a couple of weeks ago with some pictures, and also more pictures of ATC's and my latest paintings.