Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Four Down & One to Go (I Think)

I finally finished painting number 4 after starting over 3 different times. I guess for some reason, I hit a block and just couldn't get past a certain point, and once I did do that, I HATED the way it turned out, and so I would start over. Any way, I finally got it to where I kindof like it. I'm just still not that sure, maybe it's because it's not what I first intended, or maybe it's just that I'm my own worst critic. Either way, I think I miss counted on my post of my previous painting saying that it was number four, but this one actually is. I will post some pics of a few of my art journal pages tomorrow.

Have a good evening!


Tiedupmemories said...

It's beautiful!

Mary said...

Stacy I think it turned out just wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...this painting is stunning. I could stare at it all day :)

nikki said...

wow....just wow...im speechless....this is just perfection....just WOW!!!!!!